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[Important] Wolf SL Server Rules

Failure to follow the server rules will have consequences. By playing on the WolfSL Server you accept these rules and conditions. Obey the admin requests, they are here to help you. Failure to listen to the admins may result in punishment.

All players must adhere to these rules all time possible.

1. No land mines are allowed until it is 3 v 3

2. Spawn killing is not allowed using these heavy weapons (Panza / Flame / Mobile MG / Air strikes in side the spawn). 

3. Try not to leave during mid - games as much as possible. If you are going to leave or might leave please shout cz we can fix the team accordingly.

 4. You might be a good fragger but never bitch about it in the server :) Please respect all the players new or old. After all frags does not mean he is the best. This is a team game so team play is what we need.

5. Try not to use bad language all time. Scream "Flower !!!" if you can not resist.

6. If an admin move you to a team forcefully (but after requesting many times on the chat) do not please get pissed off because it is most probably to fix the teams.

7. If you find any admin abusing the rights please shout I will look in to it. Admins are not there to rule any one. Speak back if you feel they are not doing the correct thing. Feel Free !

8. When there are 16 or more than 16 players in the server, Admin have all the rights to load a bigger map such as Gold Rush GA, Venice, Beach, New Oasis etc...Do not call votes to change that map once loaded. It is pointless to see 20+ players in small maps which is just a blood bath.

9. When an admin requests you, Please let him know your name. This is to make sure teams are all balanced and make less room for cheaters. 

10. Self-killing in middle of the fight is strictly prohibited. You can do it for change spawn, classes, and running out ammo or health but not when during the fight. Admins can warn them for it and if purposely continuing it they will be banned.

11. Have fun and treat everyone equally. We all are ET friends after all.

Happy fragging everyone.


You are here: Home Rules

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