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Assassins Incorporated  =A|Inc=

*We are recruiting"


Clan Rules :

1. You must be a regular player.

2. You must be a quality player. By quality I mean, not just the frags. Be friendly, Be respectful and Play a team game.

3. Must have scored more than 5000. We will use gametacker for this.

4. Must be recommended by other clan members.

5. Stick to a single name / profile. Multiple profiles will do you no good.


How to apply:

1. Login to the forum.

2. Visit =A|Inc= section and post your application there. 

3. And also let our =A|Inc= members know when you are in the server. 


P.S :

We need good fraggers with good attitude and team work abilities. We do not care how many kills you have under your name, if you can not work as a team and go for the objective. 

Good luck !



You are here: Home Clan Official Clan

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Our Servers


Wolf SL Game Server

Hypernia Singapore Data Center

Wolf SL Voice Server

Teamspeak 3