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How to register a clan?


Welcome to the WolfSL Clans section. Please read the following instructions when forming a new clan:

  1. To register a clan on you need to be a registered member
  2. If you are a registered user, create a new thread in this section with an appropriate title explaining that you want to create a new clan. This thread should include all details about the clan you want to register (Clan name, Roaster along with their full names)
  3. People interested in joining your clan will post replies on this thread, or contact you privately showing interest.
  4. Clan can have members from other countries but only Sri Lankan players will be allowed to participate in Wolf SL clan clashes.  
  5. Your clan should have a minimum of 4 members and an official name, contact details of the team captain as well
  6. A clan will be given a section on the forum only after at least one clan match has been played by that clan. This is to avoid inactive clans on WolfSL
  7. Once the desired section is created in the Forum under ‘Clans” section, use this section to communicate within your clan and with other clans (Note that this clan section is not private)
  8. Once a section is created, please inform an admin in order to appoint a moderator of your clan section
  9. Please make sure that the assigned moderator will update this section at all times

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You are here: Home Clan How to Register a Clan?

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